Rolf Harris trial: Entertainer nicknamed 'groper' by accuser

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Julia Quenzler

Rolf Harris was nicknamed ‘Groper Rolf’ after allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old girl at a TV recording in the 1970s, a court heard.

The former TV presenter is accused of grabbing the woman’s breasts, and putting his hand between her legs during the filming of sporting show Star Games in 1978.

The accusations were made in a trial at Southwark Crown Court.

The 87-year-old entertainer denies four charges of assault against three girls.

‘We loved Rolf’

The alleged victim said that Mr Harris told her she was “a little bit irresistible” before running his hands up her legs in a taxi in Cambridge.

On Wednesday the woman told Southwark Crown Court: “This was Rolf Harris, my sister and I adored him.

“I was shocked and confused. I did feel a bit dirty but I didn’t feel it was my fault.

“I didn’t flirt with him. He was old enough to be my grandfather.”

The woman then said that after telling her father about the alleged incident, he told her she should not have worn such a tight-fitting top at the recording.

She added: “Until very recently I had not talked about it in any detail. But he was called Groper Rolf in our house.”

The case continues.

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